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“ By whom and how your aviation asset valuation is determined, may leave you liable in the eyes of the IRS”

I am Captain Fred Medlock, President, Avworth Aviation Consulting Inc. At Avworth our experience meets or exceeds the current definition of an appraiser as established by the IRS. With over 30 years experience in aviation and certification and accreditation through the following organizations, National Aircraft Appraisers Association/ Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser with USPAP endorsement/ Certified Buyers Agent, American Society of Appraisers/ Associate Member Aviation Specific. National Business Aviation Association/ Certified Aviation Manager CAM, Federal Aviation Administration FAA Safety Team/ Representative. Professional Aviation Maintenance Association/ Member. I also hold the following FAA Certifications, Airline Transport Pilot 747-400 777 767 757 727 737 A320/319, Flight Engineer, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Multi Engine, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with FAA Inspection Authorization.  

Avworth Aviation Consulting Inc. therefore, holds itself out to the public as an appraisal company, regularly performs appraisals and  renders opinions of value for compensation, specializing in aircraft, rotorcraft and other aerospace related machinery and equipment. In accordance with the requirements set forth in IRS publication 561,  “Appraiser Qualifications”.

Avworth Aviation Consulting Inc. furthermore declares itself not to be an “excluded individual” nor has it been prohibited from practicing before the IRS under section 330(c) Title 31 USC.