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Avworth Aviation Consulting Inc. is an Aviation Consultancy that specializes in Aircraft, Rotorcraft and associated Aerospace Machinery and Equipment Appraisals. We also provide Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspections as well as Aircraft Buyers Agent Services. Our clients include individual owners or buyers looking to establish a fair market value, airlines or operators requiring inspections for lease agreements, insurance companies that want to establish the size of risk they are underwriting or to verify compliance with a co-insurance clause, lending institutions who want to know how much they can safely loan and expect to recover in the event of default, public agencies who want to know a fair offer in acquisitions for public use. We work with, Accountants, Agents, Assessors, Attorneys, Brokers, Buyers, Corporations LLC’s and Trusts, Courts, Creditors, Insurers,  IRS, Lenders, Lessees, Lessors, Managers, Owners, Partners, Sellers, Spouses.

Our appraisals can be used for, allocation of purchase price, bankruptcy, business valuations, condemnation, cost studies, dissolutions, estate planning, incorporation, insurance, insurance loss settlement, loans, management considerations, merger, partnership formation, purchase/sale, surplus disposition, taxation ad valorem, taxation gift estate.

At Avworth our appraisals conform to USPAP standards (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practices) as set forth by the U.S. Congress. We provide unbiased third party opinions as they relate to current market values. We subscribe to but are not limited to the following databases, NAAA, Aircraft Bluebook, Vref, Jetnet. We also provide the latest comparable sales data of similar type aircraft to establish fair market value.

Our buyers agent program assists you in purchasing the best aircraft on the market within your budget. Unlike most broker agreements we work on a fixed price, not a percentage of the sale.  This removes the temptation to work backroom deals with brokers. We work for you alone and for your best interests. As a licensed A&P IA mechanic our aircraft audits tend to be more thorough and spot  red flags that can avoid costly repairs down the road. Our goal is to make aircraft ownership a pleasurable and painless experience. By hiring a professional you can save yourself many problems and possibly many thousands of dollars.